Design and Technology

In supporting the delivery of the statutory Design and Technology Primary National Curriculumwe use the scheme "Projects on a Page", which has been thoroughly designed by the Design and Technology Association (DATA). We use DATA due to their expertise and research, which gives our children rich and quality design and technology experiences.


Below, are our key curriculum documents for Geography at Aston All Saints CofE Primary School:


DT Long Term Overview Document 2022-23

DT Progression Document 2022-23

Design and Technology Policy 

Projects on a Page Informational Guide



Year 4


In the Autumn term, we learned about Ancient Greece. We investigated their lives, achievements, and their influence on the western world. During our learning, we discovered that Ancient Greek children often made up their own games or built their own toys for entertainment. We attempted to recreate Ancient Greek toys by using card, wooden dowels, and wooden wheels.


We began by designing our toy, before going on to making it. Once we had finished, we evaluated our creation. We evaluate our DT work since it allows us to evaluate our ideas and created pieces.


Pupil Voice:


"I should have made a design that was easier. I found it difficult to push the dowels through my toy because I didn't put the holes in my card high up enough."


"I enjoyed using the wooden pieces to create wheels. I think the children in Greece would've raced them with their friends when they got bored."



Design and Technology Essential Milestones


Master practical skills (Materials) - Cut materials accurately and safely by selecting appropriate tools.


Design, make, evaluate and improve - Make products by working efficiently.

During the Summer term, Year 4 investigated 'shell structures and created a project from this. Our project title was, "to create a keep safe box for an item special to us".


Once again, we designed our keep safe box, made it, evaluated it, and decided how to improve future projects using the key areas of DT. In addition, we linked our keep safe project closely with our Geography climate change learning and used the Three R's, to support our project which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Therefore, we asked parents and carers for as much cardboard as possible and used these to help create strong and stiff structures.


We used our maths learning on 3D shapes and created nets to decide what shape keep safe box we wanted. Below are some 3D shapes that we created in the design phase...

Pupil Voice:


"I really struggled to make a hexagonal prism with the strong card, so I changed my design to a cuboid shape, as this was much easier to do so I could work more on making it stronger and stiffer."

"I enjoyed creating different 3D shapes before we used the card. It gave me confidence on what my shell structure would look like once we did it"