DSAT Improvement Mission,

School Values & Vision


The DSAT Improvement Mission

  • To create and sustain challenging, stimulating, nurturing and exciting learning experiences where all children achieve well and are keen to learn.
  • To deliver good and outstanding teaching and learning for all pupils every day.
  • To offer an inclusive framework for education that opens for our children “life in all its fullness”.
  • To empower leadership at all levels to drive improvements so that each school is aspirational and moves to its next level of performance.


Our Values Statement for Aston All Saints C of E Primary School

Together we create a nurturing, child-centered school family for all, cherishing and celebrating individuals as we continue to learn on life’s journey, within our Anglican school.


 ‘Everything is possible for the person who has faith.’ Mark 9.23


Our Christian Values

At the heart of our school are the values of -

Forgiveness, Loyalty, Justice, Equality, Thankfulness, Endurance


Our Vision

  • Learning is a rewarding and fun experience for everyone; rich first-hand experiences build cultural capital within our broad curriculum.


  • We have high expectations of ourselves that we will achieve our potential, with support from each other in school and through strong home/school links. Our staff team works together to ensure children know and remember


  • Our children are resilient risk-takers who know that they are challenged but can learn safely and become independent. We ask questions, acquire and use language  We are all articulate learners and know we cannot do some things – yet! 


  • Our children are valued, cared for, and respected and, in turn, are well mannered and care for and show respect for themselves and others. We all feel happy and safe in our family-orientated school.


  • We are an Anglican community where individuality is celebrated and inclusion is at the heart of our school. We are patient with each other and celebrate diversity.


  • Our vision ensures that our children are equipped with rich skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary so that they become responsible and caring citizens who contribute to their local and global community, upholding British values.


  • Our pupils are ready for the next stage in their education and their next adventures!