Art & Design

We aim to give our children a wide variety of stimuli and choice of media to inspire them to design, create and evaluate their art work.

Within each year group different media is covered, so that over each key stage our children will have had the opportunity to experience lots of creative opportunities. Eg Drawing, painting, collage, clay, 3D, textiles and printing. Our key skills also ensure that there is progression through the year groups.

We also aim to encourage the children to look at other artist’s work and gather their own ideas from different sources. We want the children to show individuality and their own personality in their work and that they feel able to adapt and change their work as it progresses.

Art & design overview

Our art and design projects are well sequenced to provide a coherent subject scheme that develops children’s skills and knowledge of visual elements, art forms, artists and art movements.

Projects are placed alongside other subject projects where there are opportunities for making meaningful connections. For example, Beautiful Botanicals has been placed in the same teaching sequence as the science project Plant Nutrition and Reproduction.

Where possible, projects with similar materials are spaced out to have as little strain on resources as possible. For example, in Key Stage 1, clay work is taught in different terms.

Seasons are also a consideration for the placement of art and design projects. For example, if children are required to work outdoors, these projects have been placed in either the latter part of the spring or summer term.



These documents support our teaching of Art & Design in school:

National Curriculum - Art and design key stages 1 to 2

Art & Design Policy


This is our Art & Design curriculum set out by year group:

Progression in Art


Year 6 has been exploring the idea of distorting their own image

Taking inspiration from artists such as Francis Bacon and the abstract paintings of Pablo Picasso to portray world leaders in a very differently.

I wonder if you can tell who they are?