Attendance Information

Why is excellent attendance and puncuality important?
Excellent attendance and punctuality are essential for students’ success at school; establishing positive life habits that enable students to achieve their full potential. Research has found that students with 95% attendance will achieve a grade higher on average than a student with 85% attendance. If a student misses 10% of lessons, then a student can expect to drop a grade.

Through attending regularly, students can:

Engage in essential learning and other school social events.
Build friendships and develop social groups.
Develop life skills necessary for future success 

We are not asking that any child attends school when they are genuinely ill, but absence does need to be kept to a minimum.

It is important for parents and carers to contact school with the reason for absence when your child is unable to attend.  Please contact the school office on 0114 2872100 each day to report your child's absence.

Please click on the link below for further advice from the NHS and UK Health Security Agency regarding when you should keep your child off school.Should I keep my child off school?