School Uniform Information

All children are to wear school uniform when attending school or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours.   
Our dress code 
Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan  
Yellow or white polo shirt  
Grey or black trousers, skirts, or shorts in the summer  
Checked dresses in the summer [the choice is yellow, red/burgundy or green] - optional
Can also wear burgundy fleeces and burgundy jackets - optional
All are available from our school uniform supplier Pinders or without logos at supermarkets and department stores  

In the Summer Term, Year 6 pupils are allowed to wear a "Leaver's Hoodie", the purchasing of these is traditionally arranged by the Year 6 parent group. 
PE Kit  
Black shorts  
Yellow t shirt  
Plain tracksuit and spare trainers  
Please do ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school at all times, and is equipped for outdoor PE. They will still have lessons outside, even when the weather becomes colder. 
Jewellery must not be worn, with the exception of a watch and one pair of small ear studs. Children will be asked to remove inappropriate jewellery and take it home at the end of the day. Watches and ear studs must be removed by the child themselves during P.E. for reasons of health & safety. 
We ask all parents to make sure that children wear a “full shoe” all year round to ensure that they can take part in the full range of school activities safely.  
Uniform, embroidered with the school logo, can be purchased from Pinder’s Schoolwear; shops are situated in Crystal Peaks shopping centre, Mansfield Road Warehouse Aston and near Rotherham Bus Station. 

Pinders Schoolwear
You may also purchase uniform from any retailer, providing it complies with our dress and colour code. 
Please ensure all your child’s possessions are clearly labelled with their name and class. 
Children should bring a clear water bottle for use in the classroom throughout the day. This must be in addition to their lunchtime drink. Your child will also need a book bag for their books and equipment. These can be purchased form Pinder’s Schoolwear.