History Overview

Our history projects are well sequenced to provide a coherent subject scheme that develops children’s historical knowledge, skills and subject disciplines. Key aspects and concepts, such as chronology, cause and effect, similarity and difference, significance and hierarchy, are revisited throughout all projects and are developed over time. All projects also develop historical skills based on evidence and historical enquiry.

The choice of historical periods follows the guidance set out in the national curriculum, with specific details relating to significant events and individuals chosen to present a rich and diverse account of British and world history.

Where there are opportunities for making meaningful connections with other projects, history projects are sequenced accordingly. For example, the project Dynamic Dynasties is taught alongside the art and design project Taotie to give children a better all-round understanding of ancient Chinese arts and culture.

All history projects are taught in the autumn and summer terms, with opportunities for schools to revisit historical concepts in some of the spring term geography projects.



Year 5 learnt about the Anglo-Saxons in the Autumn term.

Here are just some a few images of Year 5's super work over the past couple of months in the subject of History...

Year 4 - We studied Ancient Greece this year.

We learned about the creation of the Olympics within the city of Olympia, Ancient Greek Gods, Greek art, Greek creations and where the Ancient Greek civilization sat within world history.

Below, are our fantastic efforts at creating life-sized images of various Ancient Greek Gods!

Year 4 - This year, we also studied The Romans.

We learned about Roman Gods, Roman art, and Roman creations that were brought to Britain and stayed, such as central heating and the aquaduct. In addition, we discussed the revolt against the Romans led by Boudicca and the reasons behind why she led the revolt.

Here, are some of the brilliant Roman shields we made in DT!