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Welcome to Year 5


Mrs. Otten and I would like to say a massive welcome to Year 5! We look forward to working hard in all subjects and producing fantastic work throughout 2018!


Currently, our topic is Whitby, with work being produced from our residential visit to Whitby in March 2018. The children have been excited all year about the residential and there is no doubt that they will enjoy the time away. The residential will not only help aid work in the classroom but allow children to become more independent and to socialise further with their classmates - the staff are excited to go away too!

If there is anything we can help you with, please don't hesitate to approach us in the morning or after school and we will try our best to help.


Mr. Haden and Mrs. Otten.



For numeracy this term, we are focusing on multiplication, division and fractions. We are constantly working on our time's tables through maths games, such as 'Maths Zap' which is done daily, to help us recall our times tables faster, however, if the children practice at home by using educational apps or youtube to help times tables, this would hugely benefit children to recall times tables quicker for their work.



The school are currently using a fantastic new writing scheme called The Write Stuff from Jane Considine, which allows children to understand how to punctuate correctly and ensure their own writing is punctuated and are grammatically correct. Their work over the past few months has improved greatly and this term, we hope for more brilliant work when creating a holiday brochure for Whitby and Easter poems.



All our homework links with things we have been doing in class that week. Year 5 will have numeracy and literacy homework, which will alternate on a weekly basis. Homework diaries have been provided for the children, in which they are responsible for keeping tidy and safe. Homework is set on a Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday to be marked and given back. If anyone is struggling with the homework, then just ask myself or Mrs Otten for assistance.



Spellings are produced through the school's new system (Read Write Inc). We have daily spelling lessons, where the children work through practice books and online resources, to help improve their spellings. During the week, children will write down 5 words from the previous lesson in their green log books, in which they believe they need to practice over the week, so practising these words at home will help them improve. Once again, children are responsible for taking this bok home to revise and are prompted to do so on a Wednesday after logging their chosen words.



Your children read aloud beautifully, but understanding the text that they are reading is just as important. Please use the bookmarks to help you question your children's understanding. Every time a child reads 2 times, they will receive a raffle ticket, with a class draw being made on Friday, with the winner receiving a small prize. 

On Monday 25th September 2017, Year 5 went to Eden Camp in Malton for an educational visit! We will use our experiences from this visit to make fantastic artwork and brilliant writing! Have a look below at some of the photos from the visit: