Physical Education and sport

At Aston C of E Primary School we firmly believe that PE and Sport are not only part of every child's entitlement but also provide opportunities for them to develop key life skills such as team work and resilience. Please look at the attached documents to see our PE coverage through school, ranging from Foundation Stage all the way to Year 6.

As part of our PE curriculum, we teach the key skills that are needed for a range of sports. We focus on the teaching of these key skills and provide opportunities for these to be applied within team games and competitions, both internally and externally throughout the year. To deliver our ambitious curriculum offer, we use the GetSet4PE scheme to support the teaching of outstanding, progressive PE lessons.

Climbing wall experience day. 


Children had a wonderful opportunity to try climbing as a sport. They showed enormous courage, determination and skill to climb the wall. There was lots of support and friendship displayed throughout this event. 

Year 6 Hockey

We have been developing disciplinary knowledge (skills) in hockey, learning to control and maintain possession of the ball, passing to team members, defending and developing appropriate tactics for our competitive games.


Year 5 were learning to perform a defensive dribble to protect and maintain possession of the ball until a pass to a team mate was available. 


Children worked hard to develop their bowling accuracy, striking the ball with direction, throwing accuracy and catching skills. Children also learnt how to  play tactically and how to outwit an opponent.